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Our Leagues Enjoy:  

  • 14+ Games Including Playoffs (Spring season)
  • Facilities Provided
  • Umpires & Administrators
  • Fully Stocked Snack Bar
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

         Welcome to Fallbrook Youth Baseball

Upcoming Events:

Fall Baseball Registration - Ends August 25th


Age Cut-off Change - New date: August 31st  (effective at FYB September 2017)

New Bat Rules - effective January 1, 2018

I am brave and strong and talented. But I'm still just a kid. I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. I need you to be patient while I test the limits of my body and work through the emotions that come with success and failure. When I make a mistake, I wonder if you'll be disappointed. When I reach my goals, I look to see if you are watching. I am a youth athlete. I love my sport. You call it a competition. I call it playing the game. I am a youth athlete. I am YOUR athlete. Winning feels great, but your praise feels infinitely better. Please remember these things and I promise to do my best and make you proud.

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